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lol: lots of lesbians

rotfl: really open to friendly lesbians

lmao: lesbians make awesome omelettes

omg: oh my girls

ily: i love yuri

wtf: where’s the females

fyi: females… yes… interesting…

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All I do is map, process environmental studies, bake shitty French bread, make shitty garlic bread with the old French bread (spoilers: it’s not butter), rummage through a freezer and scrub and hose down a floor by myself. 8am - 9pm and I only get paid for the last parts. But I’m supposed to be grateful and happy and have nothing but good things to report!! And just let it sink in how important it is that you’ll have your degree in December!!! Yes!!!! Good thing I qualify for all those unpaid jobs in a field I regret mostly!! HaHAAAAha


Hey guys I’m back!! Slowly recovering wrist:)


Get to know me meme[2/5 Favorite TV Shows] Orphan Black

"You just broke the first rule of clone club." 
"What, ‘never tell anyone about clone club’? " 

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he just got slapped with kimchi i cant handle this